Did anyone see this easy 2.55?

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  1. I was going through the file of pics I took of Paris about a month ago and realized... I don't remember seeing that red easy 2.55 anywhere else!

    It's made of red cavair and had beige straps, close to vachetta leather trims of LV bags. And the attached pics are of Montaigne Avenue boutique windows.

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    Oh ya! I remember seeing that bag in the Cruise 2010 thread. I really liked it too. have not seen it anywhere though. I just emailed my NM Sa tpo see if they are getting it.
  3. Saw these pics at the gallery of a NM SA. I think they are from 09A...

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  4. Bad news, they are getting the gold sequins one for $27xx. BUT those are the right ones from 09A huh? Interesting! Thanks!
  5. I just saw a red and beige easy 2.55 at NM fashion island orange county.
    Call 949 759-1900 ext. 2141 ask for vonne nguyen!
  6. yeah i am pretty sure these are a past season... i thought cruise... good luck finding! there is a cool embossed looking camellia one for spring summer but it has black strap i think... hirshleifers has it. and they are getting the sequin one too. i like the red.
  7. The tag on the ones I saw at Newport NM said 10P so they may be a bit different but they had the tan stap and come in beige and red. They were a smooshy leather
  8. Does anyone know the price for the black leather easy 2.55? I missed getting the easy tweed on sale and am considering a messenger style bag. Also, is this closer to the medium or large size of the easy tweed? Thanks!

  9. I saw the one in Penney's gallery and like the camellia pattern, but am looking for a less expensive option and the nature flap is a little big for me. The largest I would go is a bag comparable to the medium easy tweed. Thanks for the tip, though!