Did Anyone See These?

  1. I just saw this at overstock.com!

    The bag is not "all that", I would carry it if it were a gift.

    And the boots are TDF!!!
    00001.jpg 00002.jpg
  2. Love the boots too!!:drool::drool::drool:
  3. The bag is cute but odd....not something I'd carry, and its expensive too! The boots are really nice though
  4. SQUIRREL! But yeah, not cute or pretty, but still unique. Not something I would buy. I like those boots in leather, I wouldn't wear the zucca. Wait a minute..it would make an interesting set with my zucca spy...or not..I can't picture it. Hang on let me paintshop this...

    ..Ok after paintshopping which went horribly wrong I conclude that its too much zucca for one outfit. For me anyway.
  5. I have those same boots in all black leather. The leather where the zucca is on these is bubbly--they ARE great! I got them off bluefly a while ago. Now I am loving these, too!

    The bag, I'm not sure I would carry it under any circumstances, though!
  6. Not a fan of either actually. Personally I think the boots might look a bit much cos of the zucca? I prefer all leather boots. But then again I haven't seen any other photos to really be sure.