did anyone see the new Tiffany & Co commercial on network television tonight ?

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Did anyone see the Tiffany & Co television commercial on network t.v. ?

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  1. Hi, did anyone see the new Tiffany & Co. commercial on network television tonight ?
    It is really good. Made me smile, because they featured my Tiffany 'T' Block bangle bracelet. Just purchased the Alarm Clock and it's lovely as well.
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  2. Post Scripts : In Yellow Gold
  3. Do you mean this commercial? It's a really good commercial. I like it.
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  4. Yes ! I seen it online, but while watching the television show 'Empire' it came on, and I was thrilled ! I was wearing my Tiffany 'T' Block Bracelet in Yellow Gold at the time and saw that they had a image of it on T.V., my phone started dinging... everyone was texting me and saying " I saw your bracelet on T.V. ! Best $5000.00+ I've ever spent. When you get a chance, check out the Tiffany & Co. Bell Alarm clock. It's fabulous ! By the way, I was the very first man to purchase this bracelet for himself when it first came out.
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  5. I’ll check it out.
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  6. I love the T Square Bracelet.
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  7. Awesome... so do I... I was invited to the Launch Party for the collection, and saw it and said to myself, "Self, gotta have this on my wrist with my other pieces ?" The gleam is clean and flawless. It has a boldness that is both masculine and feminine... a unique sexiness to it. I had to wait for the release date just to purchase it. The SA I waited and
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  8. Sorry, got cut off while typing. The Sales Associates were not able to purchase until a year later. A must have item
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  9. Oh that's okay. I understand. Congrats on the the bracelet.
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  10. That's awesome that you were invited to the launch party. You're description of the T square bold bracelet is spot on.
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  11. Yes, I was in heaven... Thank you for the kindest of words. I can get passionate when it comes to Luxury items... especially important jewelry.
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  12. Thank you... I feel that you are deserving of the Tiffany 'T' Block bracelet as well. The silver is nice, the Black mat is nicer and the gold is sublime. Happy shopping... or at least put it on your gift list for receiving.
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  13. A few years back I was eyeing the T Bracelet in silver. After many attempts, I decided not to buy. The GOLD is waaaaayy better and more classic. Congrats. I have to sit tight on Ban Island and I've been working towards my Cartier piece.

    I like the commercial with Naomi C. Yaass!
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  14. I agree. The Gold is awesome. Thank you again. Will do.
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  15. Great choice. I own the gold.
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