Did anyone see the new Latte Tokidoki hoodie up on eBay

  1. The hoodie is ridiculously priced, but it means we'll see them in store soon, I hope.:graucho:
  2. Oh wow I'm in love... That is sooooo cute...
  3. i really really want that... :drool: i'm not much into latte but that hoodie is fabulous
  4. Yeah, I'd never pay that for a hoodie [hence I don't own any of the KR ones] and how did they get a hoodie that's not yet in stores? Shady shady.
    But, yeah, I hope they're in stores soon, too.
  5. Awww, it's cute but I think the all over latte t and the short sleeve latte hoodie are enough for me!! :graucho:
  6. lol... seriously... how do you get a hoodie that isn't in stores yet? be a friend of the artist? of someone in the company? be the company? steal it off a truck? how do you get something not in stores yet since we know several stores that put things out once they receive them... but I'm pretty sure it's legit... maybe it was available at the Barcelona show?

    I think I'm going to get this hoodie tho when it comes out :biggrin: so cute!
  7. I'm sure its out somewhere, the new s/s blue latte horn hoodies are out in some places already so..yeah, (some) sellers like the use phrases such as "SOLD OUT!!!!1" and "HARD tO FInD!11!!1!!" when its not true lol.
  8. This is soooo cute !

    Could anyone tell me if there's a retailer that carries the Tokidoki clothing in Canada ?

    I wish Holts would just carry it.. argh !
  9. I hope the actual retail price is nowhere near that much! I'm a little worried about what it will be since this season's prices have gone up so much though.
  10. yeah the short sleeve hoodie was already $92 I believe... arg that could mean this is actually at KR prices already :push:
  11. Nooooooooooooooo! I can't afford $165 for a hoodie! crycrycry
    AND how come the short sleeved Latte hoodie is $92 when nothing has cost that much that wasn't a bag or accessory (or toy) ???
    I really hope the eBay person just superovercharging for their FellOffTheTruck hoodie.
  12. yeah... humm it's really hard to say about toki prices... I mean it went something like this right...

    Regular Shirts- $32 --> $34 --> $36
    Fashion Shirts- $44 --> $46
    Short Sleeve Hoodie- $70 --> $92
    Long Sleeve Hoodie- $75 --> $84 --> $?
    Toki Onesies- $26 --> $29
    Toki Bracelet- $45 --> $50
    All Jewelry went up a couple dollars from what I recall

    hopefully the jacket will be the same price as the other all-overs and that'd be $84... but there's no telling :hrmm:
  13. I know prices have gone up so high. Shirts are costing 40 dollars to 46. I was at metropark in Cerritos today, they have the latte hoodie short sleeve, its expensive, but cute. And this long sleeve hoodie thats in the picture, they have the same print in tshirt that cost like 46 dollars.
    It seems like prices at Metropark is a bit above retail.
    I dont like the cuttings on the hoddie, the material sucks!!
    but its cute though!!
  14. Cute but I think I'll pass. Not really diggin this one as much as the short sleeve latte hoodie.
  15. Yeah, that has me a little worried. When I checked Metropark online I saw that s/s hoodie was $92. After paying $78 for the Adios Star Hoodie, I might have a hard time paying over $100 for a hoodie. But it is cute...:rolleyes: