Did anyone see 20/20 last night?

  1. They were talking about Anna Nicole and they had a shot of the owner of Trim Spa's wife walking down the street carrying a Coach Signature stripe tote I think it was the large one.
  2. wowsiers !

    believe it or not ! things like this helps my hubby understand my coach needs. lol !

    If stellar/rich people have coach, i should too !
  3. My thoughts exactly!!!
  4. Yes! I saw it! LOL! I was telling my dh what one it was! Mahogany stripe, looked like the large! Then we watched 'What Not To Wear' and in one little segment Clinton was talking about what belt/accessories one should wear according to their size and he walked past a Coach display! I started telling my hubby all about the Katy tote that I had spotted! He just laughed at me and rolled his eyes! :lol: And of course, I've spotted Coach on that show called 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'. (I think that's the name!) Funny!
  5. I saw that on what not to wear too! I was like oooh, stop over there and get the girl a cute bag!
  6. Yeah, they have Coach on Real Housewives all the time. I love seeing Coach on tv. *L*
  7. I love the Real Housewives show and Jo usually has her LV with her but Jeana's daughter loves her Coach. I love it!!!
  8. I caught the real housewives marathon this weekend and spotted several coach bags.