Did anyone score big during Black Friday?

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  1. I walked passed Circuit City Thurs night and there were already people standing in line.. I didn't shop today but I'm curious to know if anyone scored big??

    My coworker got a 20" LCD TV for $200 at Circuit City and my roomie got a 20" LCD monitor for $90 at Fry's. What did you get???:yahoo:
  2. I bought a clutch and a bag at the coach outlet, dolce&gabanna slipper flats at their outlet, belt, hoodie and shirt at jcrew, two swaroski cocktail rings, BCBG dress and Spiga patent pointed toe heels at bloomies. Going tomorrow to Macys.
  3. I bought an iPod dock for $20 at frys!
  4. What is the regular price for the $200 LCD TV? That just sounds like an INCREDIBLE deal!
  5. I got a:

    32" LCD HDTV
    22" LCD Monitor
    Mio GPS Unit
    Pharos GPS Unit
    SD600 Camera!!!
  6. I slept instead, but really interested to see what others got!
  7. I checked the ad and it was marked down from $400, that's half off! Not very big though, probably best for the kitchen or the bedroom.
  8. did anyone go to the limited in the malls?
    with any purchase you got a 38.00 value evening clutch until 11am yesterday..very cute! i got one in pewter..they had them in black and gold too.
  9. Was it worth the trouble?
    Any horror stories?
    What type of stuff did you all score??
    Please share! I'm in Canada and you know I have to live vicariously through my friends south of the border. :drool:
  10. I actually had work at 6am~
    Didnt buy ANYTHING, and I work at the mall too!

    They had some awesome deals, but I was just too broke to even try to look at whats on sale!

    Share everyone!! Please share! heheheh
  11. i didn't get anything either, but i really want to know what everyone else got!
  12. i went to the cabazon outlet and got... cole haan heels for 85 (originally 350)... leather guess jacket for 100.... and jcrew sweater for 35

    i guess didnt score HUGE but good thing i didnt go crazy with spendings either =)
  13. The best deal I got was a pair of Paper Denim & Cloth jeans for $38 at Saks Off 5th. My husband got a pair of Timberland boots for more than half off as well.

    The only thing I didn't accomplish was purchasing any gifts!
  14. I got a Coach bag I've been looking for all year for a great price and 3 wristlets for cheap that I couldn't believe is still there!
  15. I scored a pair of MBMJ pants and a LaRok jacket for $100 total on NM.com on Weds, does that count??