did anyone score at saks 50% off sale yesterday any cl's? show us!!

  1. i'd love to see what you guys got since i missed out :sad:
  2. I didn't get anything on sale from Saks because when I got there, the store was just a mess and the shelves were literally empty. I just couldn't believe that there were so many people at the shoe salon - it was a madhouse.
    I did however get a spring shoe which I love, I'll post photos later.
  3. My Saks only had the orange suede (velvet?) pigalle pumps with the design spray painted on it. One wear would have killed the design on those shoes so it was easy to see why it was still there.
  4. Kamilla I can't wait to see your spring shoes!

    I didn't make it to Saks either, but my store stopped carrying CL :crybaby::crybaby: I was able to score a pair of Miss Marples for <$200 last year!
  5. I got the Activas in python. I did not get them during the after Christmas sale, but they were on sale.