Did anyone score any goodies with Hayden-Harnett's online sample sale?

  1. I received an email yesterday from Hayden-Harnett about the online sample sale, but couldn't access a computer soon enough--now the website is down. Did anyone catch what they had online? Any great deals? I'm going to try to catch it again tomorrow.
  2. nope....site down all day!
  3. I kept on trying all day, but when I could get in, I could only see one page and then it would crash again. Very frustrating.
  4. I got confirmation e-mails for a couple of items -
    Louvre satchel in plum & Mosa hobo in chocolate - however, I'm taking them with a grain of salt, as they were obviously having trouble keeping the site up, much less up-to-date.
  5. How frustrating! I tried getting on their site just now to take a look at the mercer, but it is still down. I wonder if everyone trying to access their site today cause the crash? :p

    I'll just have to check again tomorrow, east coast time!
  6. The website now says the online sale has been rescheduled for Friday-Sunday because they have to move to new servers.

    I feel guilty for hitting the refresh button too many times.
  7. You were able to get on the website? I still can't get on, but I am happy to hear that they are moving the sale to a day when I will be home and able to access my computer easily!
  8. I had the Nico in Currant sitting in my shopping bag for the longest time patiently waiting to checkout but then I gave up. And now I can't get it till the site is back up this weekend, and by then they might not even have the bag I want anymore, boo!

    Temporarily off-line: Due to the unforseen enormous popularity of our on-line sample sale (thank you daily candy, new york magazine, et al) our web hosting is down. We apologize for the inconvenience. Over the next day or two, we will be moving to a new, better web host. Our on-line sample sale is postponed until Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of this weekend. All of you who ordered: your orders will ship on Thursday. For all of you who have not yet ordered: we have plenty of bags and clothing left for you, so check back soon! - H-H
  10. They still have plenty of bags left? Uh-oh.....that's BAD news for my bank balance!

  11. I scored......I bought the Nomade in bittersweet, last one they had for 130 !! I figure if its too big in person, I'll just use it for my diaper bag. So excited! Also got a small coin purse. My hubby is gonna freak that I bought another HH bag but they are so worth it!
  12. damn i wish i wasnt broke :crybaby: