Did anyone return this bag?

  1. Hello everyone~ I have been bad again.:devil: This bag was listed a week a go and I kicked myself for not getting it. Then today it was re-listed so I hit BIN.

    Then I got to wondering why it was returned? So~ I was wondering if it was anyone here...I think the buyer was (amamxr) as I looked up some feedback comments and she was the only one who d/c returning an item..

    I know the bag has some wear and I am okay w/that. This color and in a speedy is going to have some. All the ones I have looked at have.

    So~ what do you guys think?:winkiss:
    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON EPI yellow speedy 25 bag w/lock/key (item 110043264543 end time Oct-13-06 14:05:04 PDT)
  2. Congratulations! I have a yellow epi speedy too and I love her! The color is not for everyone but the purple interior is stunning! :love:
  3. Thanks~ Just don't know why someone would return it? Maybe they got it and like you said..it is not for everyone? I love yellow:heart:
  4. Ghost 55

    It was not me- I never purchased a yellow speedy from Authentic Lvlady- I did recieve a black crushed speedy from her which was returned for a full refund. The comment that you saw on hers or mine feedback you didnt say which- refers to the black speedy..
  5. Okay thank you, I was just trying to do some investigative work~ hoping to find out what happened. I hope my bag does not come like that:wtf: . Thanks for clarifying:flowers:
  6. Yellow epi is my FAVORITE!!! I think you made a great choice!!! Be ready to break out that Febreeze though!;)
  7. I didn't look through everything, but are you sure it wasn't a NPB?
  8. Well, if it was returned how lucky for you...it is a gorgeous bag!
  9. That was my first thought too, maybe it was not returned but a non paying bidder?
  10. Ah- so thats what NPB means-
  11. Since she is overseas (from US) I would guess it was a NPB. Just ask her to pack it carefully.
  12. Beautiful color!!!
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