Did anyone recieve their stam from the bloomie sale?

  1. I ordered a metallic stam on the 17th, but it's still not shipped yet and says it's expected to ship 3/17....
    did anyone recieve their stam? does it look like my order would get cancelled? i'm starting to get impatient:push::push::push:
  2. I personally have never ordered from them (online), but from what I've read, some of the orders get canceled while others are delivered on time or faster than expected. There's been mixed reviews on Bloomingdales & their shipping dates. There was another PFer who ordered a bag from Bloomingdales that had an approx ship date of 3/4 - she recd her bag one week later w/o ever having recd notice of shipping. But there are others who receive similar info (as you) and then their order ends up getting canceled. It might just show up one day when you least expect it! has your cc been charged yet? That might be a way to tell - they shouldn't charge your cc until the item ships, so if you check your cc history and don't see an actual charge (not a hold, but the actual charge) then chances are it hasn't processed - if you check your cc and it has been charged, your bag might arrive sooner than you think.

    Keep us posted & Good Luck!

  3. i just checked my cc...it's not been charged yet...:crybaby::crybaby: i really hope it won't get canceled
  4. i am still waiting for several....one was promised 3/4 and came first week of january! some orders were just cancelled and a couple are still 'on hold' for march!
  5. last time i made a purchase with them it was also back ordering, says would be ship within 42 days, but the item was shipped 5 days later. But this time, it's been more than a week now...i'm getting worried:hysteric::hysteric:
  6. the only thing I would be concerned about is this....
    which Stam was it? Was it a Quilted Elastic Bag in either black, navy, plum or green? I ask this because those bags are pretty much sold out everywhere - I don't see how they could expect to ship those in March - most of the dept stores marked down what they had left & sold out almost immediately. Other than a customer return here & there, no one's been able to find one anywhere - I would tend to think the order will be cancelled if it's a Quilted Elastic.

    Now, if it's another style/color, then I guess it's possible that it will ship when they say it will - as long as you haven't recd a cancellation notice, there's hope!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!:okay:
  7. ^^thx iluvmybags~
    luckily it's not an elastic stam...it's a metalliz patchwork stam...i'm crossing my fingers too:shame::shame: