did anyone recieve pre orders from JapanLa for TDxHK?


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Mar 9, 2007
I preorded the HK camera case from Japan LA back in like February or March & still haven't gotten it & haven't gotten any replies to my emails even though you paid up front. Did anyone else ever get their orders?


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Mar 12, 2007
japanlajamie said:
This is Jamie, at JapanLA, I just wanted to clear up the Hello Kitty x tokidoki questions. As far as I know, tokidoki told me the Hello Kitty x tokidoki items would be released some time in April...I am trying to get an exact date on when they will arrive but they don't know. So, I don't know where the June date came from, that is not correct because we don't have an exact date at all. Select Sanrio stores are getting small amounts of the items from Japan, and that is something I was not aware they were going to do when I started doing preorders, but Sanrio can do whatever they want because they have way more money than JapanLA does. I'm sorry that it is taking so long, but we will definately get the items as soon as tokidoki gets them. I keep getting emails like I tricked you guys into preordering. I just offered the preorders to make sure I ordered enough product for everyone, and did not know Sanrio was going to hype it up by offering it at some of their stores. So, please be patient and know we will be getting the stuff as soon as the U.S. release is here...and please just email me or ask me instead of believing everything you read on message boards. I will always tell you guys the truth.

Aug 18, 2007
I had heard from one of the stores that will get items from the Tokidoki For Hello Kitty Line that there was a production delay in Japan . That is why none of the stores have their items as of yet . I still want a camera case as well as the make up pouch with mirror , I didn't get these items with my first pre-orders with a Sanrio store and now I regret not picking up these two items ! But I found a store that will carry them and I should get both items . After which I will have every item from the Tokidoki For Hello Kitty as far as the purses and all accessories go ! I'm still on the fence in regards to the key chain , mirror , Hello Kitty dressed as Sandy , and the cell phone charms .


Mar 1, 2007
I was told the hello kitty x tokidoki items were a little delayed but I had no idea they would be this late...tokidoki told me today that they will be here in June after all...I apologize for the delay, it was something we could not control, and I know people are tired of waiting and upset about it...we will issue refunds for people who are sick of waiting, but you will lose your spot for your reservation...if you do want a refund, please email me at info@japanla.com