Did anyone really win sth from bluefly's mini game?

  1. Never made it to win from bluefly mini games, I'm wondering if there's a winner here.:confused1:
  2. I've won lots of discount codes, but nothing else!
  3. How did you manage to keep on the rod ? Mine keep falling back :push:
  4. Yeah, me too, always codes, never prize, sometimes I doubt there's no prize at all!:cutesy:
  5. I got about 2 or 3 bonus plays and one discount code, everything else fell off, and I played everyday.
  6. I didn't try to keep on the rod at all, so that's why my catch keep on falling back.
    There's once I caught $1000~~~~and fell immediately:mad:
  7. mine always fell as well... is there a trick to it?
  8. I have played all of Bluefly's games but I have never won more than 15% off. I'm dying to know if anyone actually wins!
  9. The click and cast is just fun, but I doubt there is actual skill or trick to winning. I think it's completely random, i.e. the 647th person to play today will win, something like that.
  10. Bonus plays and probably 4 coupons for 10% off, but that's it.. It was the same thing with the handbag giveaway and I played everyday!
  11. The catch of the day is a little more fun, at least you can see sth on your rod, although it will fall immediately, that's the way to keep you hoping maybe next time............
  12. i play almost everyday, but not even a coupon code for me!
  13. I once got a bonus play, but that's about it. Never actually any real win.

    Has anyone ever caught anything? :push:
  14. The most I've won is 10% off a purchase. Yippee skippy.
  15. i've heard of one person that actually won a purse but i forget what it was.