Did anyone PM me in the last 24 hours?

  1. I tried to retrieve a PM on my little pocket PC and lost it! Somehow, I erased it instead of opening it. So if whoever was trying to PM me please try again.
    This has been a public service announcement. We now return to our regular program already in progress.
  2. I did not PM you, but I thought about it..:wlae:
  3. aww thanks! and I would have PMed you back!:lol:
  4. bump. leaving for Kauai monday morning. last chance.
    see you guys in a week unless I decide to get on the laptop!
  5. ^LOL! If I PM you..will you take me with ya????LMAO????I need a vacation???PUH-LEASE??? HEE!HEE!

  6. oh man, I am so on that plane right now! I'd take the whole forum if I could!
  7. ^LOL! Have an awesome time Girl!
  8. ^^ Aloha, bagnshoo!
  9. It wasn't me, but HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP!!! :yahoo:
  10. Have a great trip Bagnshoofetish!
  11. I will! I'll try to send a virtual postcard!
  12. Have lots-o-fun!
  13. Have fun & safe trip!!
  14. Have a safe trip! (But have fun!)

    I love Kauai. I find it to be less touristy than Oahu is. I always thought that if you want to do touristy stuff, go to Oahu (there's a great number of malls and souvenir shops there). Otherwise, go to The Big Island, Maui or Kauai.

    There, you can see the volcanoes, go to sugar cane fields, go horseback riding on the beach, visit where they grow and produce Kona coffee . . . .