Did anyone order from the huge Adasa sale?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has received any shipping confirmations about their order yet?
  2. I ordered a couple items from ADASA (on Black Friday) and the items have reached their destination already. Hope that helps. When did you order?
  3. I also ordered on Black Friday but did not get the items yet!!
  4. I ordered last Friday as well!

    Edited: Okay, I just checked my order status on adasa, and it said it was shipped out yesterday!

    CTgrl, you might want to check yours, I never received any type of shipping confirmation email, but the tracking number is listed on the order status. :smile:
  5. i ordered last Friday too!
    and have received mine like 2 days ago..
    they didnt send me any confirmation though...but I received it anyway..so I think you dont have to be worried :smile:
  6. lanier, just checked. It was shipped on the 30th!! wooo.. I was so good and didn't get anything for me, just christmas presents for my bfs family and others. Got some really really good prices on lacoste polos *daaaaaaaanceeeee*