Did anyone on here win the grey minibout?

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  1. That was on ebay ended earlier tonight. This one [​IMG]

    If you did I would LOVE to know as although I don't use ebay much in this case I used all my cunning but got disturbed and threw my max bid in 30 secs out, not my usual 10 seconds out, and duely gave them time to out bid me. I lost them by 4 meesly seconds so I was just seeing if it was any of us that got them and if so congrats, particularly on the price!

    But if you are on here (congrats again) but find when you get them, you hate them/don't fit...............I will be here drooling :drool: quietly. You could chuck them on ebay again and I will BIN!

    Anyway this is probably a bit pointless and I am only looking desperate and sad, which is what I am. Worth a try though. Sorry for starting a thread on this!

    Happiness to resume tomorrow YAY :yahoo:
  2. You almost could've lost them to me. :P I had my eye on those but at the end just couldn't bring myself to do it...that nick on the heel bothered me too much. :Push:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.