did anyone notice that the monogramouflage

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  1. hi, the louis vuitton site doesn't show the passport cover or iphone case at all anymore .why is that does that mean there not making anymore and there sold out?
  2. probably just sold out! (fingers crossed)
  3. I bet they are sold out. Does anyone know the price of the speedy?
  4. The monogramouflage speedy 35 is $1530
  5. they are hard to get
  6. Yup, the SLGs are pretty much sold out, particularly the iPhone case! If you're looking for either, your best bet is trying individual stores. I know the store in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas has both.
  7. speedys keep popping up on eluxury

    but i havent seen the iphone case nor the passport cover in a while
  8. I just sent back a monogramaflouge speedy to the vuitton website. She should be arriving back there any day. Keep your eyes posted, if you want because they should put her back up...I didn't open the package, just returned to sender.... good luck! Wish I could have kept her, but I couldn't....

  9. You're so strong! I love that darn speedy I wish I could get it! I wonder did they make a cles or any kind of key chain, that I could probably swing.
  10. I am so tempted to purchase the speedy. I saw three in LV.
  11. Just looked on elux and right now they have a lot of camo on there, a belt that is $305 I so want it, and the camo speedy 35, keepall, the denim bag, the shawl and a key chain w/ dog tags. Oh man why did I look, I didn't even know they made the belt, lol.

    Edit: they didn't have the speedy and belt when I clicked on them, it said out of stock. They shouldn't have the picture up then to get people's hopes up!
  12. Did they make this speedy only in 35 and not in 30? That helps numb the pain of my not being able to afford to get it, lol.