Did anyone notice that Neiman Marcus is longer part of a certain cash back site?

  1. I always looked forward to my 3% back because I viewed it as something to ease the sales tax cost (my state is 7%). But now it's gone....:tdown:
  2. i noticed that too. this stinks!
  3. I noticed it too :sad:
  4. It kind of comes and goes from there....
    It might be back eventually....or it might not. LOL!

    But this has happened before, and it came back, so hopefully history will repeat itself.
  5. It definitely comes and goes... because I used the site on 11/24 and 11/26 and got cash back -- one of those days was the cyber monday and I got 5% cash back! I was happy! :nuts: You have to just check everytime you're going to place an order. Hope that helps. :yes:
  6. I also noticed that last week, but i think it only happens when they have deep discount going on. Right after Cyber Monday NM put up additional discount on sales items and the cashback was gone at the same time.
  7. Maybe just during the holidays. I noticed it, too. I hope it will return!!
  8. It's still on at the Lucky mag rewards site for 4% cashback...I'd been using this one anyway since their cash back percentages tend to be higher.
  9. I emailed them yesterday and this was their response:

    "Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are sorry that Neiman Marcus is no longer a merchant in our program. We do not expect them to be back until after the holidays. We apologize for this inconvenience."

    I'm glad I got all my shopping done with them before this happened!
  10. Fooey, I noticed this too. Hopefully it will be back after the holidays.
  11. Why all the shrouded mystery about this site? Could you share, please?
  12. It's not a "shrouded mystery"...TPF won't allow the posting of the name...rhymes with "rebates".
  13. Ohhh...I didn't realize. Thank you.
  14. I'm not sure why this is so, perhaps it has to do with the prohibition of cash-back links, i.e. "click on my link and I get $5 for referring you"...
  15. Bummer for sure, maybe it will be back