Did anyone NOT get anything from Trasporto or Tutti?

  1. I made the decision when these prints came out that I wouldn't get anything from them, but now I'm debating a Trasporto Stellina.. :\

    Anyone else NOT buy anything from these?

    Or, does anyone know if we'll be seeing these in outlets? :\
  2. They're not my favorite print in the world, so I'm not wasting precious allowance on it.
  3. nothing in tutti....but i want a denaro
  4. i didnt buy anything of those two prints... imo

    tutti: black and white, no color = unappealing to me
    trasporto: grey = meh... cute characters but not loving it.
  5. At first I thought trasporto was really bleh.. but then I saw it in person and it's kinda cute! But no tutti for me.
  6. Since they are being sold on Lesportsac.com, I believe they will eventually go to the outlets. I'm waiting for that--want a Trasporto something but haven't decided what yet.
  7. I wasn't crazy about Tutti at first, but lately it has really grown on me. As for Trasporto, I wasn't really crazy about it at first and I'm still not. For some reason it's more cutesy cutesy to me than other prints.

    I did try to get Tutti Zucca on eBay today...it was just laid out very nicely but no luck...so oh well no Tutti for me.
  8. at first I didn't want anything in tutti,but then I gave in when I saw a bv tutti w/the perfect placement...as for trasporto I thought the print was so cute,I bought a zucca and a ciao and now I kind of don't like it,I think its because the print is too small. the characters are really tiny compared to paradiso and inferno
  9. i was thinking about if trasporto would look better on a smaller bag becuase the characters are so small too.

    or if it would be good on a big bag because it isn't as crazy as some of the other ones and is a cross between a solid and a print, which may be nice?

    but...i'll probably deliberate a bit more on it and see...i am kinda hoping to wait for it to go to the outlets too but we never know what we'll get there and the whole LE thing has got me wanting something! argh! :smile:

    *addict* -- have you tried the outlets for your trenino in inferno? i thought they had one of these a couple weeks ago? i can't remember which outlet though.
  10. That's exactly how I feel. Tutti I've actually seen IRL, but not so with Trasporto ... but I don't think actually seeing it in person would change my mind. :shrugs:

    Plus, I'm saving my mula for Foresta2 & Vacanze!!:yahoo:
  11. I'm trying to save for Vacanze and Foresta2 tooooo
  12. I didnt' really like Tutti, but I do own a Tutti Caramella, with all 3 girls on it! I love it and use it as a clutch. I've been debating on getting a tutti bv, but worried about the "white" factor. I have an Adios Star BV and just started using it, and I'm very, very careful, but notice it got dirty super fast!!! so I think I'm content with my tutti caramella.

    Trasporto, is super cute..dont' have to worry about it getting dirty! I got a Zucca and I LOVE IT!

    I too, am saving for FORESTA!
  13. I'm still debating. I thought I'd get a bag in the Transporto (gioco) and Tutti (BV) just in case I changed my mind later on. But looking more at it, I'm considering returning my Tutti BV just because it's WHITE! I don't want something that will end up in my closet unused. I'd rather put that money towards a nice red patent leather bag that I will use. A lot.

    I don't know. Still debating. Maybe I'll just go ahead and keep it, and just dig up funds to pay for my red patent leather bag that I'm obsessing over. Sigh...
  14. I didn't get anything in either print. IMHO Trasporto is cute but just not me and I would have loved Tutti if it were in color. If I could have snag them at a deep discount (LeSportSac outlet/eBay/department store) then sure why not. But at retail prices, I'd have to loooooooooooove it.

    With that said, the money said is all going to VACANZE! :heart:
  15. i still haven't bought anything in either of these prints, i really don't care for trasporto but if i could get it at a huge discount imight buy something as for tuttu i love this print but wish it was in color and have a feeling i will break down and buy a gioco, eventhough i think my AS gioco is plain enough.