Did anyone know the Ink Parker was this blue???

  1. LNinos usually have pretty good pictures, you should ask him about it, find out if that's the true colour, if it is, I think it's gorgeous, would love that in a different style for fall..:drool:
  2. It is the kind of blue you would get out of a pen, like it's name. Ink. Like an indigo color.
  3. that's a nice blue. it looked so much darker in all the other pics.
  4. I haven't seen the Parker IRL, but I did see (and fondle! sorry, Cheekers!) an ink Natasha when I was in Vegas. Very yummy! The lninos picture on eBay does seem a bit bluer. The bag was definitely closer to blue than black, but a darker blue. Not a lot of purple or reddish undertones, if that makes any sense. The photo on Revolve represents the color more accurately, IMO.
  5. Yeah, purple may be pushing it, I would say it is more deep indigo blue, this eBay auction makes it look brighter than it really is.
  6. I hope Kooba comes out with more saturated colors in the Fall line. I would love to see true purple or blue hues.
  7. Wouldn't something Blue be lovely. It would have to be just the right bag. Out of all The Koobas out there now, which bag would make a great Blue Bag?
    I'm going to say definitely not the Sienna.
    But Maybe a deep Blue in the Avery or Julia might be nice.
  8. Wow, that is so different from any of the other pictures. I like the color it seems to be on Kooba's website.
  9. if it weren't that bag i'd buy whatever it was! i wish i could get a devin in ink lol....