did anyone know that there is such a thing as fake tiffany jwewlry?

  1. what is this world coming to? I went to tiffany's yesterday to purchase my new butterfly pendent necklace, and to add links on a heart tag toggle bracelet that I recieved for my birthday last week, only to be told the damn thing was fake!!! I was so mortified! she said that is not uncommon..... does anyone have tips to spot fake tiffany's?
  2. Yeah, the Tiffany silver pieces have been copied to death. This eBay guide is a pretty good rundown of how to spot fakes of certain pieces.
  3. thanks evoque,
    my experience yesterday was not great.....
  4. Do you mean it was an actual fake that had the Tiffany logo on it and everything? Or that it was just a knockoff from another company? I've seen lots of bracelets in that similar style -- doesn't mean they are "fake".

    That said, the easiest way to avoid buying "fake" Tiffany would seem to me to simply buy directly from Tiffany. :smile:
  5. I read somewhere that the Tiffany silver jewelry is much more likely to be a fake than their higher end stuff. I think the reasoning was that the counterfeiter would be unwilling to invest in higher costing materials (gold) to make the fake goods. That makes sense I guess.
  6. Yes, counterfeit Tiffany's is VERY common, so bad that Tiffany's filed suit more than a year ago.
  7. There is both going on:

    other companies copying the designs of Tiffanys and some just plain knocking it off with the Tiffanys logo:sad:
  8. yes!
    it was an actual fake with tiffany logo and everything! I recieved it as a gift didn't think anything about it until trying it on it was wayyy to tight and after taking it in to them the add links they said it's a really good fake! which I never knew that fake tiffany's was out there but I know now.......:yes:
  9. OMG - Tiffany silver is probably one of the most faked stuff, and the scary thing is that on eBay and the UK shopping channel, they'll even have fake Tiffany blue boxes and ribbons! You need to *really* know your stuff if you're buying Tiffany not from a store. It's estimated that about 90% of the Tiffany auctions on eBay are fake.
  10. They had a show on 20/20 about this problem. They aired it again this year I believe. It is a big business, just like fake purses/shoes.

    Crazy faker makers....
  11. Yes, things get knocked off all of the time and this seems to be especially true of Tiffany's jewelry. I know I have seen so many knock-offs of heart tag bracelets and like people have been saying either just by other companies but even with some making fake logos. It's kind of easy to spot the fakes though if you know enough about the jewelry.
  12. I'm confused - the site says:
    Uh, I have a return to tiffany heart tag bracelet from Tiffany and the links are most definitely oval, lol.
  13. come to Hong Kong, i can show you all the fake tiff, cartier and rolexes you want
  14. Thanks, that's my guide! It's now floating around the internet and being plagarized like crazy.:cursing: The info on the links was a typo, they ARE round!
  15. Is that where it come from to Chinatown, New YOrk? where you can buy it on every street corner?

    Anything with a logo is so easy to fake because 99.9% of people are only going to look for the logo.