Did anyone know that the HH Lorca can convert to a clutch? Look!

  1. I cant believe I never knew that the Lorca converts from a shoulder bag to a clutch! Unbelievable!

    The first pic shows the Lorca in its standard form. I watched a video where Ben and Toni were showcasing the Lorca and they explained that if you "unsnap" the two sides and remove the strap, the bag instantly becomes a clutch! :wtf:

    It makes an interesting clutch for sure but Im not sure if I would wear it like that. Hmmm, that are your thoughts? Have any Lorca owners here been wearing the bag as a clutch?
    CIMG4392.JPG CIMG4477.JPG
  2. I was surprised when I saw this, I love this bag but haven't carried her yet.
  3. I heard it converts like that, but it seems pretty big for a clutch. Does the strap remove completely or does it form a shortened strap to be carried by hand?

    ...nevermind, I finally got the video to work! So cute that you can shorten the strap to turn it into a handheld or arm bag!
  4. Woah. Where'd the video? It's a bit big, but great if you need to carry a lot of stuff. It's still smaller than the limelight :smile: And much cheaper.
  5. How big is it? I really like it as a clutch! I'm not big on small bags, but this would be a beautiful clutch if it were a normal clutch size.
  6. Yeah- I saw the video last weekend and commented somewhere on here that it was totally cool. Now I soooooo covet the Lorca. For some reason I have this strange obsession with bags that can be worn multiple ways.......
  7. omg! ive had my lorca since may and didn't even know that! ive only worn it twice though...
  8. I've actually shoved it under my arm like a clutch a couple of times when I was in a hurry but didn't realise it could actually be carried that way! Now they just need to tell us how they can be made to withstand the slightest drop of any liquid...
  9. It'd be pretty squishy, though. I like more structure to a clutch.
  10. I agree with mrs depoint. I think I'd want a clutch with more structure too.
  11. I'd love it as a clutch if the handles could be totally removed, but it looks weird with the shortened handles . . . changes the shape of the bag.
  12. Wow! That is interesting.