Did anyone know that BARGAINLAND left Ebay for Bidtopia.com!?

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  1. Bargainland is HUGE! That's like one of the biggest sellers on eBay. I had no idea they left, and I am just blown away. It really makes me feel good that people are being very proactive against eBay.


    EDIT to add: WHOA! They didn't leave eBay for bidtopia, they left Ebay out of frustration and CREATED bidtopia! Thats awesome!
  2. Bargainland the one who has like 89% pos. feedback? The wholesalers who sell junk and you are lucky if you get something worth salvaging? Or is this someone else?

    ETA: Yup, it's the same Bargainland. I pity anyone who buys from them, seriously.
  3. I'm glad somebody has the balls to try at least.:smile:
  4. There are going to be more and more sellers leaving eBay. I hope the next big auction site learns from eBay's mistakes.
  5. I purchased something from them, ONCE. It was a horrible experience, because I couldn't get their checkout system to work, and I sent numerous e-mails to let them know that... after never responding to my messages, they proceeded to start the NPB process on me!!!!! It all worked out, but I ended up receiving junk (exactly what I paid for, I guess), and learned to stay away from them.
  6. Sounds like what happened to me with a seller a long time ago...bought the item in April, I never got payment info from them then in JULY, they start the NPB process on me and leave me a neg. saying I was a deadbeat bidder. Riiight.
  7. Yep same one and they are already at 98% so it won't take long.
  8. When is google going to make some competition for ebay????
  9. I just looked at their listing and first thing I see is a fake coach bag. I wouldn't buy from them.
    They use crappy pictures, vague descriptions and charge a 20% restocking fee for returns. No thanks!

    ETA They also charge .99 to register an account. Allegedly to "prove" that you're a real person with good intents. But -- think of the profits to them just for that!!
  10. Portero started on their own as well too.
  11. OMG, that is the ugliest looking bag I've ever seen!

  12. The fact that 80% of their customers are repeat says something about them. Thier fb score was around 200,000 +, while there total fb points were over a million, which means over 800,000 repeats. If every transaction were counted as they should be, their score would have been in the mid to high 90s. They arent for everyone, and there is invaribly going to be some weed seed in the oats, but the cheap prices kept people going back like a revolving door. We are trying out selling on the Bidtopia site, and we truly hope it works, we are a 99.7 on e bay, 100% if you exclude nuetrals, and we never know how long we are going to be welcome there with the trust and saftey dept. We have just been given a failing on policy complience because we listed an item (vasorect male enhancement pills) that we received thru a legit. national reverse logistics company, of which the company that made the product contacted e bay and told them they didn't want us to sell it. Thats fine, pull the listing, but to reduce us to failing and threaton suspension is assinine. Are we supposed to contact the manufacturer of every item we list and see if we have their permission? E bay has become so unfriendly to sellers, it is no wonder you hear all the bad press about them.
  13. So, I have to ask, has anyone actually bought anything off of bidtopia?
  14. I agree with some of your points, but that was really hard to read. It was like a massive run-on sentence......
  15. I used Bidtopia.com and I've really enjoyed and received some awesome deals. I won 3 computers with specs: Pentium IV 2.4GHz, 256MB RAM, and 60 GB with no OS for $0.99 cent each. Another item I won was a Guitar Hero World Tour Band Bundle. This item was brand new. No blemishes at all, the kids loved it. This item list for $229 and I was able to win it at $14.01.
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