Did anyone know about the price INCREASE?

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  1. I was just checking gucci.com (US site) and noticed that prices for monogram small accessories went up by about $10. :sad:

    I noticed because I have a list of small accessories that I want and wrote down the prices for reference (I'm in Canada and will be paying CDN$ anyway). And today I saw the price difference. I should've known this was coming because Bottega Veneta's price increase was scheduled to happen today (May 24) and they are owned by the Gucci Group.

    I'm not sure if prices for leather items also went up but the wallet that I'm considering is still the same price -- phew.

    Did anyone know or take advantage of pre-increase prices?
  2. Yes, it was talked about here a few weeks ago. I actually thought the price increase happened a few weeks ago.
  3. yeah i had posted that a while ago...my sa said they would go up May 7th!! she told me some bag (dont know which one) went up as much as 100 bucks :smile: ouchie!
  4. Oops, I should have searched for that thread before posting. I guess annual price increases are inevitable. Thanks for clarifying, beljwl and luved. :smile:
  5. oh no!! i had no idea, did everything go up?
  6. yep i knew about it and it sucks!