Did anyone hear of various silvers for reissue 08?

  1. I was websurfing and found a bit of info from a Parisian. She got met purple the day it came out at Rue Cambon shop. She then listed what colors there were for reissues... which caught my attention. Apparently there are three kinds of silver for this S/S? I saw met silver with silver chain when I was in Paris over the holidays. I chose met black over that one. BUT I didn't know they would have met dark silver and met green silver!

    The lady said they both come with silver hds (I'm guessing shiny ones like my met black) and now I'm wondering and wondering how would a met GREEN silver look. Did anybody hear about this? Does anyone have a pic to share?
  2. I went to Saks BH today and the SA there, Joo, showed me the swatches for the metallic bags and there was a light silver and a dark silver color (almost pewter looking). The green metallic looks more like a light green metallic shade...
  3. So you thought it looked GREEN? Not metallic green silver? (I somehow think that color description sounds too funny)

    How did you like it, Nakobear? Aye? Nay?
    Personally, I'm super excited, as I love everything in pink or green!
  4. It looked metallic light green...i guess you could say that it looks silvery underneath the green, but it definitely isn't silver in my book. It was pretty, but I tend to stick to more boring neutral colors (except the purple one, which was the reason why I dropped by Saks in the first place, to get on the wait list), so I don't think its for me, but it's definitely pretty for spring =)
  5. Yup, the dark silver is featured inmy thread "A Little Gem from Paris". =)
  6. Mhmm, the green sounds interesting. Gotta go to Saks to check out the lookbook.
  7. do you mean that's lots of different silver in the coming s/s 08 of the reissue?
    i've see this pic and that shows at least three kind of silver colour here:

  8. sorry i mean two kinds of silver (not three)
  9. and the timeless classic will have the following colour too:

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Oh the cols for the classics are lovely! I love the one on the right! yummy:yahoo:
  12. I saw a swatch of the metallic green this morning and I thought it had a silver undertone to it. It was a very light green....very pretty.
  13. ooo! thanks for posting the swatch. i love the pink and light pink!
  14. I'm new to Chanel, but I've seen the dark silver. It looks like the old dark silver in tPF photos (which I've only seen on line) - great looking bag! I think the Chanel boutiques are getting "medium" "large" and " extra large" sizes. I think the medium is $2695 and the large is $2850.

    I heard the light silver is "very light" "very silver". A silver silver, bright. I don't think Chanel boutiques are carrying it, but Saks stores are, in a small/mini size I think only. (I think it would be so cute in that size!).
  15. alicesheK THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THE COLOUR SAMPLES!:love::drool::nuts: