did anyone have the problem for the rubbing off panda?

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  1. just wonder how bad the rubbing is? and how to protect the rubbing? thanks :yes:
  2. I haven't had any problems with my pochette at all. :smile:
  3. I think panda,cerises ,CB, groom get rubbed off if you use it daily..

    I guess you just have to careful when carrying it.

    just like this cerises:

  4. I haven't had any problems with the print rubbing off.

    Avoid rubbing the print against abrasive surfaces.
  5. My friend has had her Panda pochette for about a year or more, and its SERIOUSLY started to rub off.:yucky: She keeps it inside her Manhattan and uses it to hold her wallet/change, so she does use it everday. I was surprised how badly the panda had rubbed off, but I guess its because she treats it pretty harshly. :shrugs:
  6. will panda only be rubbed off, not peel off right?
    i think i should not let my panda against anything. :smile:
  7. how long this speedy has been used? are these ceries at bottom? they are pretty bad rubbing off.
  8. ^ Yes, really bad... too bad LV cannot fix that.
  9. Is That Why These Items Are Limited Collection? So They Don't Fix This Problem.
  10. No, it's because the process of putting the design on is really intricate. The MC line is currently the one line that uses this process the most, so it would be hard to have so many at once that utilize the same process. Plus, Murakami was commissioned to create limited lines so that's also part of it.
  11. wow, I'm quite shocked as to how much the cherries have rub off the bag in the picture posted above.

    I haven't had any problems with my panda pochette or cerises agenda, but then again I am painfully careful with them.

  12. I'm gonna be very very careful with my beautiful pandas, don't want any rubbing off! Did anyone ever buy that agenda at the Hollywood store???/ Oh, boy, was I tempted...
  13. I haven't had any problem with my panda...but I don't use it alot. I was at the store awhile back and my SA mentioned using a pochette inside larger bags./..I told her I only had LE pochettes and she emphatically said "do NOT use those inside your bag!"
  14. it's funny, my friend has a fake ceries bag, only the foldable area has the cherry face peeled not robbing.

    but other areas are perfect, no rubbing she has been useing the bag for a year already.
  15. Kathy410, Your friend has WHAT???!!!*&^% haha. just kidding... poor girl... maybe you should get her a real one for Christmas....:love: