Did anyone go to the London sample sale today??

  1. Hey! Did anyone go to this? Probably still fighting your way through as I type!

    If so,what was it like? What did you get? Has anyone ever been to one before?
  2. I did!

    About 20% to 50% off. Nothing much from the current season except some gold and python Mabels which were quite bling!

    They had some Bayswaters in a burnt orange, and the tooled/patterned ones in beige and brown. About £300 plus after sale.

    They had a mini Bayswater as well in pale pink and some Roxannes in tan and rose pink. And lots of purses and coin pouches, the black croc ones, and some Roxanne coin pouches, and the heart shaped coin pouch. Belts were £49.They also had a small zipped bag in tan croc for £75. Scarves were £30, coats were £150.

    Men's messenger bags were about £100plus, and the luggage trolley about £245 for the small and £275 for the medium.

    They didn't have the patent Baywaters which I liked, so I didn't get anything. Might wait for the Xmas sale!