Did anyone get to talk to M. Louboutin about this forum?

  1. This is for all of the lucky ladies and gents that got to meet "his shoe greatness." I know some of you must have talked to him about this forum. I am dying to know how many of you mentioned the forum or got to talk to him about the it. I'm especially dying to know what he had to say!!!

    Does anyone have pics of their signed shoes?
  2. I did not mention the forum when I talked to him this weekend. I did mention there was a lot of appreciation for his nudes and he was pleased to know that. I was close, but was not sure how to work it into the conversation. I couldn't very well say, "Hey, Monsiour Louboutin there are a bunch of us who are obsessed with your shoes and we post at TPF."
  3. I got to meet him when he came to my ctry early this year. Nope, didn't mention tpf to him either.
  4. I would love to tell him about tpf, I can only imagine his reaction when he hears that there are hundreds of ladies that spend x amount of time drooling over his beautiful creations. I can't wait for the next event in NYC, I am so excited to see him again.
  5. When is he going to be in NYC?

    Damnit. I need to make a trip out there!!!
  6. blackbird, I heard from someone on this forum that he will be making NYC store visits in December/January. Fingers crossed.
  7. oh! Keep me posted. :smile: