Did anyone get this bag?

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  1. HEY,

    Did any of you girls get this bag. As far as I know this bag comes in a big shopper version, a smaller version, and 2 different standard 2.55 styles.
    Do any of u know the price of this bag?
    I think its stunning.
  2. ? Do you have a picture?
  3. Yes. I may get it, not 100 percent sure yet. I need a push!
  4. Oh and the smaller one is 3300 and the larger is 3700. US dollars.
  5. thank you! do u by chance know the name of this bag?
  6. In the mix is the name.
  7. Yes, my friend just got the large one in exact grey color combo last week in HK. Its much nicer irl! The two grey tones are subtle, leather is smooshy, soft & puffy. Brown camel handles are practical as handheld and the long chain strap comes in burgundy interwoven leather. All the colors blend in so well together and it goes with any wardrobe!
  8. Can someone tell me the difference in size on the two models?
  9. ^
    Jill, I think you are used to big bags so you will rock the large one!
    My friend went ahead & bought the 1 & only larger one avail in the boutique although she did put her name down for the smaller one. But honestly, the large one looks really nice on her and she is petite!
  10. Do you think the smaller one is as good? NM has the smaller one ready for me to get. They dont have the bigger one. is the smaller one too small? I wish I could see them both.
  11. I noticed this bag the other day on chanel.com & really liked it. Do you know what colors are available at NM in the small size?
  12. I like this bag also. Is it lambskin?
  13. I bought the large one last week. it's an amazing tote. I bought it for about 12500 DHS, / 3400$ .
  14. hie, i got this..the quilted area is lamb and the crackled top part is calfskin..