Did anyone get this Anis today???

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  1. wow, these bags are just flying off the shelves :yes: ...it's such an amazing color, i hope someone here got it!!!
  2. i think i know who but i will let her tell
  3. Ohh .... just wacke up, it's 05.50AM here, and . . . only saw this thread now !! The seller ended the auction already herself . . . I don't know why !?? I love this '04 Anis city, it's on my want-list since a long time .... but .... it's already gone again :sad::cry: !
  4. gosh, i'm so sorry firstclass, that stinks, i wonder who got it (?)
  5. Was it the same seller who sold the other one recently? If so maybe she accidentally re-listed it.
  6. I can't step away from eBay for 5 minutes and look what happens! Sooo, someone just got lucky?
  7. If she unlisted it so that she could sell it to someone without using eBay as a conduit, that would violate eBay's rules, wouldn't it? I don't think this particular seller would mess with that kind of thing.
  8. As long as there are no bids it's not a problem, some sellers will cancel
    bids and end it early as well.....
  9. No, it's not the same seller as the last one.
  10. Wow - what a beautiful bag! :heart:
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