did anyone get the square toe lanvin flats???

  1. just wondering if u liked them????

  2. I have these in black patent and I love them. They are very comfortable and rather distinctive looking. And the square toe and slight covered wedge are quite flattering on the foot, I think. Wonderful with skinny jeans or full skirts.
  3. I have these in blk & lpstck red patent- I've worn the blk but havent gotten around to the red yet, i love the way they make my calves look but it's been so cold I've only had a chance to wear them w/ skinny jeans - I'd have to agree w/ showgirl they are distinctive looking & very comfortable - I think theyre a classic.;)
  4. I have these in navy satin and I love them..like showgirl and purse4u said they are very distinctive and comfy. Also the wedge gives you a bit of height as well.
  5. I don't have them, I have the regular ones, but I tried them on and found them to be not as comfy as the regular ones.
  6. ^^^ I never tried them but I thought that may be the case as the toe looked very hard
  7. Just ordered these in black patent from Barneys!
  8. thanks girls
  9. I just ordered a pair of black satin one from Barney's also!
  10. Ooooo black satin......those will look amazing with cropped skinnies
  11. just bumping this- anyone have a modeling pic wearing satin square toes?