Did anyone get the Palermo GM? should I get it?

  1. anyone get the larger one, I have one on hold, Im scared its gonna looks crazy big, but I would like to carry books in it. so I need a large tote, ahhhhhhhh
  2. thanks. wow it looks so big on hellobabie, Im not that small. lol. Im gonna get this on tuesday, I love your pm peace.
  3. ^^
    When you buy your Palermo GM, ask to look at several of them (if available) and scrutinize the zipper - make sure it zips properly and to the end. I had to return my PM because the zipper was really wavy and didn't zip properly to the end of the zipper. But, I got another Palermo PM yesterday which was much better!!

    The GM will be good if you are carrying books because if you put it down on the floor, you won't have to worry about a vachetta bottom - although there is vachetta piping on the bottom of the bag.

    I still plan to cut out a piece of cardboard for my PM to make the bag a bit sturdier on the bottom of the purse.

    Post pics when you get your new bag!!!
  4. I saw it and it is huge!! I am not a huge fan...
  5. get it! i'm totally drooling over it. i want the PM though. The PM will be gigantic on me.
  6. I got it the day it came out and I love it. If you do a search you will find my thread :palermo GM is cross body:.
  7. Yes! I love the look of this bag and I think it will look gorgy patinaed.
  8. i saw the GM irl the other day.... it is HUGE. for me, it would be like a weekend or carryon. not a handbag