Did anyone get the Noir and Bordeaux Mirage Speedy?

  1. I bought the noir speedy and I am so tempted to get the Bordeaux! They are both such beautiful bags? Did anyone get it in both colors? I have been saving for the blk denim neo cabby but I can't seem to locate one anywhere so I was thinking myabe I acould use the $ money I have saved toward the Bordeaux. Oh, but I really do want that neo cabby though...
  2. I bought the bordeaux Mirage Speedy and have been thinking of getting the noir, too, but I also want the Neo Cabby! Looks like we are in the same boat. LOL I am waiting for other styles to come in the black denim, though, so this has kept me from getting the Neo Cabby. I've been trying to tell myself that one Mirage Speedy is enough. :sweatdrop:
  3. OMG, I just bought the neo cabby in blk denim from eluxury! I just checked a few minutes ago and they had the mm size! They have it in GM too. I am so excited!! I can't believe they had it. I've never ordered LV from eluxury so I hope everything goes ok! :yahoo:
  4. I read a post the other night from a member that bought both and few other things as well! Sounds like LV heaven to me! I bought the Neo Cabby first and then splurged for the Bordeaux Speedy after trying to resist. I love both bags and would rather have the two different styles if I have to make a choice. Now if I could afford all three?....
  5. I am not interested in the black mirage... but I do have the bordeaux!
  6. I got a call from SA about the noir speedy (I already have the bordeaux) but I fought the temptation. It was tough though. I really do want both.
  7. same here!!!:tup:
  8. just bordeaux :biggrin: but that's all i wanted. hehe.
  9. i think both bags are beautiful but i think just one will be enough. i personally got the black one, just waiting for it to arrive the US. :yahoo:
  10. I :heart: Noir
  11. Just noir...I'm not a bordeaux gal.
  12. I didn't see the noir, but I got the bordeaux :wlae:
  13. Both are gorgeous ...I got the bordeaux. But if I had a zillion $$$, both would would be in my collection.
  14. I bought both colors, but decided to only keep the bordeaux. It seemed to "pop" more than the noir, IMO.