Did anyone get the new Macy's Coach Catalog?

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  1. I just got this in the mail today....and I've chosen my ban breaker!

    They have the Ergo Denim Signature Pleated Framed Hobo!! :love:

    They also have some new soho tonal slim envelope wallets (one will match my Canvas Carly from last year!), Floral mini-skinny, and Peony Tote with the Pink Stripe on top! All available in May. Oh, and if F&F comes in May, I'm in heaven!
  2. Wow, haven't seen that. I know Macy's is having a friends and family sale the last weekend in April -- 20% off Coach.
  3. I want to see what that Denim Ergo looks like. I might break my ban for that one.
  4. I got the new Macy's Coach Catalog today. I saw that ergo on page 6-7. It is tdf!!!The bag is item number 12747 for $398. It says in the catalog it will be available in May.
    I am suppose to be working but I had to stop and look at the coach catalog and then check out what is going on tpf.
    I loved the coach soho tonal slim wallet. :love:
    Back to work. It is going to be a long weekend. I sure miss the forum but I have deadlines I have got to meet.
  5. I just checked the mail, but no catalog. There was a new catalog at Coach yesterday and I didn't get one in my bag, which I didn't realize until I got home. Wonder if there was anything new or if it was the same stuff, just a different cover.
  6. Are you able to show a picture of it?
  7. Hmm, sounds pretty! Thanks for the info!
  8. PICS!
    Coach Soho Tonal Slim Wallet: #41443, $248
    Coach Sig Stripe Floral Mini: #41415, $58
    Soho Sig French Purse, #41280, $198

  9. Signature Denim Ergo Framed Pleated Hobo, #12747, $398 (available May)

    Oh, yes, she will be mine!:love:

  10. Signature Stripe Floral Tote, #12204, $328
    Addison Sunnies, #5803, $198
  11. Thank you for the scans! That floral skinny is too cute! I will definitely be buying it. Going to check the mail today and hopefully they sent it to me. Much appreciated. Everything looks beautiful!
  12. I think these might have been posted already, but here they are again:

  13. ^^I love those sandals. They are gorgeous. How much are those going for?
  14. Nice, I think I'll wait for the May goodies to come out
  15. I am all over that denim bag. I guess I better start saving!

    In fact I think I know for sure the tattersall wristlet I got will be going back and that money towards the Denim Bag!