Did anyone get the Mirror Gold MA from the RM sample sale?

  1. Because if you did, you got a GREAT deal. Apparently, it retails for $1500:

  2. i saw that in the magazine too! so when the gold mirror was on the SS list, i was really surprised about the price! but i don't think i can pull off a bag that flashy - it's gorgeous, but not me. i hope someone here got it for the super-steal price - if so, please post pics as soon as you get it!
  3. It would be great for South Beach :yes:
  4. Wowza! I was pretty tempted by the silver mirror MA, but passed on it. No idea it was so pricey!
  5. I wonder what makes it so expensive? I hope her other bags are not going the same route...the MA is a great bag, but I don't think it's worth $1500...
  6. I saw a clip on Youtube with an interview with RM -- and she said that it's that expensive because the hardware is real gold -- real gold-plated, I am thinking?


    Will try to look for that clip.

    ETA link of clip!

  7. Love that clip - so cool! Thanks for posting! I guess we shouldn't have passed up the SS gold bag. So luxurious!
  8. WOW! That bag is seriously blingy! Its gorgeous, with all of its shine and dazzle, but I dont know if I could pull it off. Did anyone end up buying it? I would love to see pictures!
  9. Or heading off to Trump's place at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach! I can totally see Ivanka Trump with this bag!