Did anyone get the Marc Jacobs Daisy Keychain?

  1. I received mine today. I think it was from the Marc Jacobs Daisy website. Here is a picture. I might attached it to one of my bags.
  2. very cute!
  3. so cute...i really want one! how much did you pay for it??
  4. I didn't pay for it. I think I played a game on the MJ Daisy website and it said I won one or given one (i can't remember, as it was a while back). I was suprised that it arrived. I remembered that other MJ members played the game too.
  5. I just got mine in the mail today too! It's funny because I had pretty much given up all hope of receiving one. Here's mine:
    Daisy Keychain.jpg
  6. awh! no fair! they're super cute....i want one :cry:
  7. Aww..how pretty! I wish one would appear in my mail too! :p
  8. thats cute! too bad i didnt play the game =/
  9. How cute those keychains are!! Love them!
  10. Those are adorable! I want one too...
  11. That's adorable. I have the "Daisy" fragrance keychain (it is a little daisy ring on a keychain with perfume inside - very cute)
  12. Super cute, you are a lucky girl! :nuts:
  13. I wished I played, so cute!
  14. I played, wonder if I will get one???:wtf:
  15. wow.... i was just wondering about that too... i have the perfume but would like a ring or keychain too...