Did ANYONE get nude VP from boutique recently?

  1. I completely forgot to check on my waitlist status at the Horatio boutique - I called a few months ago and seriously didn't think about it until just now (too many other purchases have transpired since then, lol) Just wondering! I've never worked with them before but I'm a little disappointed that I never got a follow-up call...
  2. I'm on the waitlist and haven't heard from them either. I was thinking they'd be in by now, but I don't know.
  3. I'm sure they've flown out the door by now, LOL. Ah well, it was a vain attempt to snag some before the price increase...
  4. Why do you think they got them already? Have you heard anything?? I don't think they've come in yet, only because I think we would have seen a few gals post them here. I think there were quite a few of us on the waitlist for them.
  5. I thought another tpfer said they just put in the order earlier this month and should be arrive in stores until January some time. I'm on the wait list too and I didn't hear anything about them.
  6. They did just put the order in not too long ago and they said it would be approximately 3 months. It could be shorter or longer. It depends on the order actually being fulfilled and customs I'm sure.
  7. I think the Beverly Hills store had some.
  8. my friend got a pair from BH a couple weeks ago, only pair in the company. They were returned by a stylist.
  9. IIRC (and this was a while ago so I may not be correct at all), the SA at the boutique thought that the next shipment was coming in "shortly" as in < 1 month from when I put myself on the waitlist. :confused1:
  10. A little thing about putting in "orders": it's kinda like "ordering" a Birkin at an Hermes podium. You can damn well put in for elephants, but if they don't have it, or don't want to fill the order, there's nothing to be done. That's about what it's like when the SAs tell you they're "putting in an order" -- there's no guarantee at all they'll come in. It's dependent on what the factories are doing, not what ppl call in. Think of an order as a "request".

    It's a different story for Custom Orders, for which you pay the markup.

  11. This is what I was told too.
  12. I spoke with my regular SA earlier today who put in the order and he told me to tell you ladies that if you are on the list you will get a call. LOL He was actually laughing when I told him about this thread.

    They will definitely call you if are you on a list b/c yesterday the nude and black leather declics came into the CL BH store and I got a phone call immediately telling me they were in. However, they were the 100 mm (not the 120 mm they thought) so I passed and told my SA to offer them up to the next person. So, don't worry. You will get a call if you are on the list. It will still be some time though before the order comes in. I would guess sometime in February or March, but you never know because they could come earlier!
  13. I have been in contact with Alisha in BH and did have some with the lower heel but that had wings on them. I too, was to be called and just happened to find out they were there. Did not jump as fast as I should have. I was going thru my yoyo saga at the time.
  14. Is this the patent nude with gold tip?
  15. ^^^the order was put in for ALL nude patent and ALL black patent. However, who knows what will show up. But, I do know this is what Horatio ordered specifically.