Did anyone get my white wallet?

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  1. If you did, I have your gloves. I was so happy to receive my bleecker duffle and wallet today. The duffle came but the wallet turned into brown gloves. I wanted to use the duffle and wallet this weekend. Oh well!! They said I should have the wallet on Monday. I also wanted to mention that I purchased the zip stripe parchment wallet in the store the other day. I didn't check it before they wrapped it. At home (hour away from Coach), I noticed the c's on top of the wallet didn't line up. I have noticed several of these on eBay that are made the same way. It doesn't bother me bad enough to drive back to the store, it's just if I sold it someone might think that it is fake because of the bad alignment. So as others have said, check your items before leaving the store.

  2. Oh no!!!! That is terrible! :tdown: I hope your wallet come soon!!!! :yes: