Did anyone get charged for there le magenta?

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  1. I have a charge pending from genexus. Is this what it normally states when you buy from Balenciaga?
  2. No you won't be charged until May 16th. that sounds like another charge...I hope!
  3. sounds odd. i would see what the DH has been doing.... hehehe.
  4. I, too, thought that the charge was suppose to be on the 16th.
  5. They told me the 16th as well. They said they'd send email confirmation when they charged the card and again when the bag got sent out.
  6. I bought a bag last month and it just said Balenciaga on the statement.
  7. No Elizabeth...just says Balenciaga. Genexus is a software developer, I believe. I confirmed today (with Kim in NY) that charge will be put through May 16th (can hear my Amex groaning already). Also...you all may know by now, but no names on the interior. Our shot at immortality is gone. :smile:
  8. Oh they are not going to put our names on the inside now?:shrugs: I thought they were. too bad