did anyone get camera case on sale?

  1. if yes... how much did you pay for it?
  2. anyone.....?
    i just got one from Nordstrom seattle, and i dont think their sale is as much as Saks or Neimans. i just called them to ask if they will price match, but the SA said that they dont do that.
    now i am debating if i should return it.
  3. That's strange, I definitely remember seeing signs in the entrances of Nordstroms saying they have a Price Guarantee. I would double check that and ask another SA or manager if necessary.
  4. really?
    hm... the SA who sold me the bag is not in today. i will ask her tomorrow.
  5. Call Nordstrom now and ask for the manager of Chanel Accessories, Denise Junell. They do price match; however, there are guidelines I believe where they have to find your exact bag/color available on sale in a competitor's store. If your bag sold out and there are none left in stores, they might not be able to match.
  6. well, the camera case is sold out in all saks, i believe. i called a bunch of saks, and they dont have it anymore.
    so i guess, i cannot price match, huh?
  7. What does the camera case look like?