Did anyone get an 08 Magenta DAY Bag yet ???

  1. Would love to see pics! Curious to know what the leather seems to be like on the Day Bags also! Anyone?
  2. I have a 08 Pale Magenta City but not a Day. *Bay has a 08 Magenta Day listed now. Its leather looks distressed and color is quite saturated.
  3. Queenvictoria2, I don't have a Magenta day, but I love your wishlist! :smile:
  4. Hey i have ordered a pale magenta in day! im hoping it will arrive by end of next week so i will post pics once it has arrive! so excited!
  5. Handbagangel - I saw that one also! That is why I wondered what they looked like IRL, I am hoping they look that distressed and saturated and not as marbely .... normally I love that look but not what I am looking for this time!

    ivylouwho - THANK YOU! :flowers:
    I love your puppy in your avatar too! Is that a FRENCHIE!!! :love:

    pekie - Can't wait to see your pics!!! :tup:
  6. Queen, i just saw one IRL today at the balenciaga george V paris shop, the leather was delicious, to die for, one of the yummiest 08 leather i've seen so far IRL, such a beautiful soft agneau!!!!! The fushia pink color was stunning, beautiful, i am not a pink girl but i was in love..... the tassles were not too spongy unlike the magenta day i saw at the printemps shop.
    I tried it on for about an hour switching from the day to a magenta make up trying to decide which one will be better for me but it was too hard, i wanted them both. I just bought one weekender for x'mas and a teal work for my birthday plus a portefeuille, i think that's why i didn't follow my instinct and could resist the temptation. So, I left the shop without a magenta... still regretting it... :crybaby:
  7. delmilano - Thank you so much! This is what I was hoping to hear!! I think I might have to go look for one to see for myself now :graucho:
  8. you are welcome queen, you won't be disappointed, it's such a beautiful combination of color and style. i don't have any day bag yet, but this one looked gorgeous on my shoulder, looked so perfect, the yummy agneau leather made it more stunning, let me know if you get this beauty. i'll wait for the modeling pictures. :yes::rolleyes:
  9. Here's my 08 Magenta DAY :flowers:
    I got it 2 weeks ago at Hong Kong Balenciaga shop.

    080126-3.JPG 080126-2.JPG
  10. sooi pretty!!
  11. I saw two magenta -- granted they were different bags -- and the leather varied quite a bit between them. I thought the leather on the Day was great. Not whitish and veiny but really smooshy looking. I was VERY tempted but the SA told me I should hold out for the sky blue Day since I already had a tomato Day and the SB would round out my collection a bit better.

  12. this is gorgeous magenta! It's almost like the bgums. the white veins in a lot of the magentas have really deterred me from getting one
  13. That is a very gorgeous Magenta Day! Love how PINK it is.

  14. i totally agree with bern. that leather is the best i have seen. makes me want a magenta to go along with my bg! great bag. :yahoo: