Did anyone get a marine bag with reg. hardware?

  1. I was on the waitlist at BalNY for a marine city but then decided against it. I think I'd really like to find a blueberry city but am curious how marine compares with blueberry.

    If anyone has a marine city (or other style) with regular hardware I'd love to see pics.

    Does anyone have both blueberry and marine (it would be great to see a comparison)?
  2. I was going to buy the Marine City but chose the Cafe City w/ regular hw instead. The Cafe is incredible and my leather is tdf. I do want a Marine bag, probably a Day though. I had a Blueberry City and sold it. I like the Marine and Ink better.
  3. I saw a Marine City w/reg hardware IRL.

    It is a dark blue that looks a bit purplish IMO. The leather looked really nice not very veiny at all.

    Sorry I can't post a picture. I have one on my camera phone but can't seem to upload it on my computer. Maybe my DH can figure it out for me and then I will post it later:smile:
  4. Donna - The cafe city sounds incredible (I'd love one of those too, but we'll see).

    Do you just prefer darker blues or is there any other reason you prefer marine and ink to blueberry? And to add to the confusion, how does marine compare to ink?

    siri ann - Thanks, I'd love to see a pic. if you get a chance.
  5. Here is a pic of Blueberry next to Ink


    I have only seen Marine in pictures but I think I would like it ... Ink is more Purple to me than Blue ... I know I am in the minority but I just don't LOVE Ink, although I have tried! I do LOVE Blueberry tho! Can't wait to see Marine IRL also!
  6. DH figured it out for me! Here is a camera phone picture of a Marine City

    It's probably not the best photo, sorry!
    Marine City.jpg
  7. Thanks for the great photos!

    queenvictoria - I love both of those bags!

    siriann - The leather looks great on the bag. The color looks nice too although it's a little hard to tell. Do you think your pic. accurately shows the color?
  8. Sorry, girls

    This is really embarrassing. I have bought a wonderful Marine City with regular hardware and the colour and leather are TDF. But I don't know how to attach photos from my computer. My DH will be back shortly and will rescue this damsel in distress and I'll sit and watch how he does it. Pictures will follow shortly.
  9. Didn't someone post a pic of a Marine with GH somewhere? I know it was GH and not regular and I think it was a Brief, but it showed the color well ... I can't seem to find it tho ...
  10. Citychris: Although it's not the best photo, I think the colour is very accurate. I didn't think I would like the Marine colour, thought it would be a flat navy, but I really loved it when I saw it in person. It's nothing like an ordinary navy blue!
  11. Thanks, that's really helpful!
  12. [​IMG]

    now you can click on it to make it big :smile:
  13. Hope this picture shows the colour and the leather well. I think it's lovely.
    P1010027 (2).JPG
  14. Oooh these marine pictures are making me want this colour!! Thanks for posting pics girls....just another colour to add to my WANT list!!