Did anyone get a Chinese (Lunar) New Year gift from their SA at LV?

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  1. I know they do give gifts to their Chinese customers. Usually at LV stores where there is a large asian population of customers. Did anyone get a gift this year? If so, please post what you got.

    Last year, one of the Youtubers, QueenKatz, got a stack of LV red envelopes that looked really nice.

    Too bad I don't have the VIP status to get such gifts, but then again, I'd be totally in debt if I reached VIP status in my neck of the woods where buying a few bags a year doesn't count as VIP status - my SA told me it was buying $10,000 worth of LV goods to even be on the radar, per year.
  2. I have been getting the red envelopes every year. This year is no different.
  3. I didn't get anything and I went the week before CNY.
  4. I got a fortune cookie. Inside it said "Happy New Year from Louis Vuitton." I put it in my pocket, but lost it when I got home.
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  5. No :sad:
  6. No, I didn't get anything. Due to that and just the lack of knowledge from my SA, I'll probably become a "free agent customer" this year. I definitely didn't expect anything, but I was told by the manager that I basically put one of the SAs on the map just from always singling her out for my purchases. However, she never researches, doesn't go out of her way to show me items, and of course, isn't knowledgeable in the items to begin with.

    This year of 2014/Year of the Horse, I'll be going where I'm appreciated. :smile:
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  7. they sent it to my other adress :sad:
  8. Red envelopes and little treats.

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  9. Yes , I do get red envelope and small token inside .
  10. I hate that obligatory feeling of being loyal to an SA. It's like being loyal to a hairdresser :P
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    The year of horse red envelop and my favourite champagne:smile:
  12. They gave me a pack of red envelopes when I went to the store and made a purchase
  13. Yes , yesterday when I bought my husband the epi rivet wallet, they gave me a set, they are stunning!
  14. Omg. I got the same champagne as you @Grace1982! And a box of red envelopes. I was thinking my SA went out of his way to buy me a bottle of champagne. Now I wonder maybe LV supplies them with bottles of champagnes to give to their clients. Either way, I was happy to receive the champagne. :tup:
  15. The champagne is from their own brand under their conglomerate umbrella, which is the M in LVMH.
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