Did anyone get a Cheche?

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  1. So the Cheche bags were released on the 29th. Did anyone get one? I need to see pics! The Bohemian is gorgeous!
  2. I got the Bohemian Cheche in rouge, it should arrive sometime next week. It would be my first reveal.......so when it comes I'll be sure to post:smile: I haven't seen it IRL so I'm really excited to get it!
  3. Can't wait to see pics!!

    I would like one but don't have the funds for one right now & by the time I do it'll probably be sold out :sad:
  4. :nuts: Can't wait to see it

  5. I agree can't wait to see your photos:smile:
  6. *gasps* be sure to reveal!

  7. Can't wait to see it! I'm thinking of getting one myself, but I haven't made my mind up yet! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
  8. Dear gosh, I love the red Bohemian! Unfortunately there are other bags I need to get before I could consider that one. But it's gorgeous.:pout:
  9. Yea Nordy's girl! I may have something on its way too :graucho:
  10. Can't wait to see your reveal! That bag is :love:.
  11. It will be my first reveal on TPF, but I'll do it as soon as it arrives! I can't wait, hopefully it will be here by Thursday!!

  12. I look forward to seeing this as well. I saw them on the LV site earlier today and noticed it was already out of stock. I think this bag is probably the best choice from the S/S collection.
  13. Can't wait to see it!!