Did anyone evet get a Sac en V?

  1. Was just looking at last years ads, and saw the wee Sac en V in croc...did anyone ever even get one? We had a matte croc one at out store in PM, last Christmas, but I tried it, wasn't me (neither was the price!) and passed.

    Did any of you like it, or get one even? I never see them anymore.
  2. There have been a few in my store that I was able to try on.
    They are nice especially that cell phone pocket but it would propbably be on the bottom of my wish list.
  3. Yes, I know...I don't think it was a very successful bag?

  4. it wasnt--its actually very expensive (somewhat like the constance). the construction is very elaborate if you really look closely. it has the double zippers and elegant gusset. i think alot of people dont wnat to spend so much on a bag that isnt known ie birkin, kelly.............whereas the masai and evelyn are a less expensive yet still recognizable as Hermes
  5. Plus I could never bring myself to buy a bag called "Sac Envy." That's what I always called it. LMAO!
  6. Lol....j......!!!!!
  7. Does anyone have pics? I'm pulling a blank on this model....
  8. no i did not. somehow i felt arkward carrying it kind of lunch-boxish. but apparently it sold well in the gm as a travel accessoire
  9. [​IMG]

    Is this it? It seems cumbersome and rather.......asthetically challenged.
  10. ^ That's it. The croc is cute, but boxy.
  11. Ooh, I like it for travelling. And I'll take her trench coat too, thanks!
  12. I wouldnt cry if I had her waistline, too!!!
  13. That trenchcoat is TDF! The ad says it's made with Chamonix, and it looks absolutely divine!
  14. I think it´s adorable
  15. ^^^ Oooo, my necklace!! Sorry can't help it.