Did anyone ever have to use a tracking device on your children?

  1. What made you decide to use it?

    How did the children respond to it?

    I was watching Nanny 911 and the 6 year old and the 2 year old had a habit of running outside without permission. The nanny's solution was to get a Giggle Bug tracking device. (Actual product. I looked it up: Add to Cart)

    I used to say that I thought it was a bit much if teenagers had that in their phones or in their car, but I think nowadays, especially with young children, something like this would be very useful.
  2. I never did. I installed a bolt on the front door which went higher and higher each pasing year.

    And if my kid broke the rules, he got punished. If he tried to go out when he was told not to, I would not take him out when he wanted to go.

    Know something? Kids learn fast.
  3. My friend bought something similar for her kids, 4 and 6. The items she got look like wristwatches, and they don't come off easily. The idea is that if the child is abducted, the person taking them won't know that it's a kind of tracking device. She has a device that she wears too that will beep if her kids are more than 10+ feet away from her. This is very helpful because her oldest is slightly autistic and he tends to wander away. Personally I think it's a great safety device.
  4. Oh that is great. The website didn't give much details.
  5. I'm watching the parents clip the tracking devices to their kids (in the middle of their backs so the kids couldn't get at it) and I'm thinking: Wouldn't the kids be able to say 'screw this! I'm not wearing this! and just rip it off?

    In the product description, it says that it's tamper proof, and if it somehow does get taken off the child, it won't stop beeping until the parents deactivate it or it's clipped back onto the child.
  6. Sort of. A local water park rents these bracelets that you wear and by scanning yours at these machines scattered throughout the park you can find the other members of your party.

    It is real handy when you are in a large group and you don't want to hang together all day. My DH and our children all wore them as well as everyone else we went with that day.

    It was great that my daughter and the other daredevils were able to go and do their thing while I stayed in the milder water areas with my 3 year old. I always knew the area to find her at.
  7. You see little children in England on leashes.

    The leash isn't hurting the child, but seeing the poor thing strapped up in a harness like that seems almost mean to me.
    (Now, when the child gets much older and they CHOOSE to be on a leash . . . . that's a whole other issue.)

    I would think the tracking device is less humiliating for the child. At least the one I looked at isn't an obvious tracking device when you first glance at it. It looks like a cute little red plastic ladybug.

    The device almost allows the child more freedom because they have a further range of movement.
  8. ITA!! Thats right, you have to be consistant and have rules for them to follow and they wont break them (at least not after the 1st few times of trying and not getting away with it). My 2 yr old is a runner and a fast one at that. So, I just hold her hand when we walk or put her on my shoulders or run with her to burn off energy.
    The Mom on Nanny 911 watched her child go outside and hesitated to go after him because she was eating her lunch....OMG!!!!
    I have these plastic round nobs that go on doors and I have them on mine. We have a pool and every second counts!
  9. i'm not a parent yet so i don't know how i'll feel about this when i actually have kids. all i can say is what seems like a good idea to me right now.

    have any of you seen those things that you can implant into your pets to make sure you don't lose them? i think they should have those for kids as well. that way, you'll never have to be afraid of losing your child and they probably will never even have to know about it.

    is that unethical?
  10. I don't have kids yet, either, but I think I'd feel funny to surgically implant something into my children.

    I'd like to know where they are and that they're safe, but I don't want to invade their privacy.

    (On an episode of Family Guy, Peter put one of those tracking chips in his wife, Lois's purse. But that didn't help when she ran out of the house, because he also put the same chips on a bunch of squirrels.)
  11. Ehh I am quite iffy on this... but if your child for some reason tends to run away... then I guess it is important
  12. I remember that one! Too funny!

    My mom used to have to put my younger brother on a leash when he was really little (two-ish) He was fascinated with cars and we lived on a busy street. She would turn her back for an instant, and next thing you know, she would hear cars screeching, because he took off on his tricycle and rode out into the street! I was lucky, my girls always stayed close to me when they were little, and never got lost or anything like that.
  13. LOL. i love family guy!
  14. not on my kids but on my hubby. just kidding!

    my son is pretty naughty but i don't think i'd go that far. then again, ask me in 4 years when he is a teenager.
  15. We have a photo of me and sis on a leash when we were kids.. pretty friggin' funny. But apparently effective as we liked to run all over. :smile: