Did anyone ever experience a plastic smell to a new bag?

  1. Hello, I am fairly new and late to arrive to collecting the Toki Doki Bag. I found a Chao Chao crossbody at the Woodbury Commons. I ordered it on the phone, for I live in Florida. I ordered about 2 wees ago a full price Zucca Transporto bag as well as a Vacenze which is NOT here yet directly from LeSportsac. The Transporto bag has a very odd plactic smell or unpleasant smell that my chow does not have. It cam in a plastic bag and a box directly from Nordstom. The placement is nice..although the school bus is cut off a bit ant the colors are pretty neutral..but that smell. Did any of you experience that for I am about ready to bring it back to Nordstoms. There are none left at all on the site or the Vacenze in Zucca. I do live in Floirida so I do not know what the Christmas print in the tote, willl be like. Any advice is appreciated. I do go for the brighter colors , but unfortunately I missed any pretty pink or green prints. Thanks!!
  2. I think all of the bags are liable to have that plastic smell for a time after they have just come out of the packaging. It should go away, though, since the nylon fabric doesn't retain smells for too long. None of my bags smell plasticy, even the ones I received in the mail that did come in plastic.

    If print placement is important to you, as it is with most of us fans, you might consider buying in the future from places that are willing to take requests or show you the bags available before you purchase them. With the LSS web site and department stores, what they happen to grab is what you get. Some stores, like Pulse (http://www.pulsestl.com/) or the Ala Moana LSS store in Hawaii, are willing to take special requests, so long as they have the item in stock. (I know Pulse got pretty cleaned out of Vacanze, though, when it first came out, and Ala Moana is not taking requests until after Christmas as they are too busy.)

    Another option is eBay. Lots of people are down on it because it's not 100% guaranteed and safe, and you can come across fakes on there, but if you are aware of that to begin with and are cautious you shouldn't have problems. The big advantage there is the plethora of pictures they usually show you of all parts of the bag, and you can pick and choose exactly what you want. (Some will even take requests for more pictures, so long as it's a reasonable request.)

    Happy hunting!
  3. yeah but it goes away after 48 hours.
  4. Thanks all, I decided to wait for the Vacenze in the tote and I brought the transporto back to Nordstum . I just could not take the smell and the other is coming from LeSportsac anyway...so we shall see. Thanks!!!
  5. All nylon products, not just bags, come with a strange smell, but that will disappear with use. Leather smells somewhat too, so Toki bags have both!