Did anyone ever actually buy.....

  1. A Kelly Flat?

    I kinda liked them, but I'm not a 35cm Kelly girl, and they were $$$$$$$$ where I live...

    I've never seen or heard of one of our members having one?:confused1:
  2. I thought Jaegerhomme had one?
  3. AHHH!!

    I forgot!!!!
  4. GF

    Are you thinking to get one??? :graucho:;)... after your etoupe lindy...
  5. he, he, he...I'm considering all these bags I've never considered before!

    I'm SOLD on the Lindy, though....still can't believe it!!
  6. Isn't the Lindy just the most brillo bag? I have to confess that I had little excitement about it and thought it looked rather dumpy. That is, until I put it over my shoulder!! I love, love LOVE this bag - and will be likely looking for a new one in another color come the new seasone --- never thought I'd say that!!
  7. I wonder how do people use Kelly flats, practicality wise?
  8. GF i thought u were going to ask barenia thong.
  9. LOL

    I have always wondered about the practicality of the Kelly Flat as well. Have never encountered one in the flesh, so to speak, so I really haven't formed a strong opinion about them.
    But I do think they look neat.
  10. :p:yes:
  11. Cyn - I'm still not 100% on that closure, you know?
  12. Yeah...It seems even more fiddly than the regular Kelly, but maybe it's not? I think what I like about it is that it reminds me a bit of the sac a ceinture, which I think is really, really cool--except on that one, of course, the "belt" isn't actually operable.
  13. ohh, yes, I remember that.
  14. They have them now at Madison, in all black. But I liked the cream & natural one a lot more.
  15. I haven't seen one for yonks.