Did anyone end up trying the cornstarch?

  1. Sorry if there was a post and I missed it...but i'm talking about the person who suggested putting cornstarch on the handles to draw out the oils, to help clean our b-bag handles. I am wondering if anyone (obviously braver than I!) followed up on this idea?:smile:
  2. I dont have anything to try it out on... but I would if I could! I dont see how it would damage the leather, so I'd be willing to attempt it if I had a bag w/ dark handles. I'd heard of this treatment for shoes before, but never thought to try it on the handles!
  3. Lol!!!! I totally did!!!! I did it maybe three/four times to my city. So, I am afraid that I may have actually harmed my handles in the process, but that was due to an extra step that I added in; I steamed the handles of my bag over a pot of boiling water before cornstarching them because I thought that it would better draw out the oils without drying the handles out and I think I might have toasted them in the process. But, anyways, I did one handle before I did the other, and I definitely saw a difference after several times. It's not the lilac work "schazaam" but the handles are definitely cleaner. And this is after I tried apple guarde on the handles too (but maybe I'm not using the AG quite right), heh. But the cornstarch definitely didn't harm the bag at all, other than leaving a mess that I cleaned up later.
  4. Maybe I should try this on my Caramel City the AG cleaner didn't do anything and the hadles are pretty gross. This is by far my most used bag.
  5. :lol: something about your post just made me laugh! i think it was your use of the word "schazaam" and the thought of toasted handles.
  6. hee hee...good to know it works (even if just a little). :smile:
  7. This is definitely the most creative board ever - steaming, cornstarching, lubriderming, Apple-guarding...what's next? Maybe hyperbaric oxygen therapy :P It's awesome how creative everyone is!
  8. can someone please point me to the thread on the use of cornstarch for the darkened handles...thanks:flowers:
  9. hahaha, this is definitley original! didn't someone say to use the hairdryer on the handles first?
  10. thanks stylefly:heart: :heart: :yes:
  11. oh WOW! thanks for sharing the link, stylefly! I can't believe I missed that thread! Gotta go buy myself some cornstarch later LOL. My bf is going to rofl when he sees this one... between the AG conditioner, AG spray, coach leather cleaner, and saddlesoap, he already thinks I buy more products for my bags than for myself :roflmfao:
  12. this cornstarch idea is new to me. :shrugs:
    thankfully i don't have any darkened handles to try this on, but it'd be great to hear if it works!
  13. Keep the experience with the cornstarch coming!! No dark handles yet but guess it may be a matter of time and I want to know what to do when it happens!
  14. yes, I read that you can use a hairdryer to warm up the handles and release the oils, then pack on the cornstarch to absorb the oils. Afterwards, you sorta brush it off with a soft toothbrush, I think.