Did Anyone Else Watch Taquita And Kaui?,,,,,,,

  1. and kinda like it just a little :smile:

    haha i thought it was sort of funny i like taquita a lot and kaui is adorablish

    what a fun name too! soooo hawaiian!!

    i wasnt going to watch it but i wanted to see the hills afterparty, which i didnt really watch anyway but still :smile: i think i will be tuning in next week!
  2. Ill move this thread to TV.
  3. oops haha where did i put it :smile:
  4. In the Kitchen !!! :nuts: ???
  5. Ha.. just kidding, you posted in Celebrity. :wlae:
  6. haha i was going to say in the kitchen :smile: soo bad always wanting to eat haha ! :smile:

    whew at least i had the right idea on my mind!
  7. i watched it, but I'm a 'lil confused: Taquita said they saved all their money and wanted to move to Vegas. Then why the heck are they staying at the Happi Hotel?
  8. Prada, can you please remove my thread on this? I spelled Taquita's name wrong...('Tequita':shame: ). I'm sorry! I like Help!!!Slush's better anyway!!

    I really thought this show was super cute!!! They have such cute styles...Kaui always has awesome bags...and Taquita has an awesome one too, she always seems to use the same one, but I love it!!! Anyway, can't wait to tune in next week!!!

    Thanks Help!!!Slush for the thread!!!;) I was thinkin' the same thing!!!
  9. I had a big smile on my face the whole time the show was on....I love those girls and their energy!!!
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I liked the premier show, I may continue watching it.
  11. ^yeah me too, kinda liked it I'll just watch it whenever I can catch it.
  12. It was a fun show, I really like Kaui she seems so sweet. I'm not really a fan of Taquita, she interrupts people a lot when they're talking which is a huge pet peeve of mine. They seem to balance each other out though so it's good. I really hope they find some fame soon
  13. i think its just a fun silly show to watch that will make you laugh!!!
  14. I watched bits and peices of it..looks like it may be pretty funny..
  15. It's a cute show! Kaui looks much better IMO than she did when she was on MTB.