Did anyone else watch 'Handbag Day'on Martha Stewart?

  1. She actually had a great show on handbags!

    There was a handbag fashion show and how to clean and store your handbag segment. Her daughter Alexis and Jennifer Hutt both showed their handbags: Jenniger Hutt carrying a black Balenciaga weekender and Alexis had a $5K bag called ________?:confused1:

    Did anyone else watch the show and remembers the name of the bag Alexis shows?

    Was that a brand new, never carried, 25 year old LV Epi green Speedy?

    (Mods, I know a thread similar to this was closed in the Hermes forum. Sorry if I should not have posted this!)
  2. I missed this show. I hope they rerun, I want to watch.
  3. Ooooops!

    I just found a similar thread on the Hermes forum!

    So sorry!!!

    Please disregard this post. I never wander in the Hermes forum, sorry!

    There are some pics and advice on her website, but sadly, no info on the bag Alexis carries.

  4. Alexis's bag is VALEXTRA. Quite a few members on here use this brand. It's extremely well made and very low-key - no "in your face" logos, etc. - (if that's what you are after). They can get quite pricey though. On a side note, I think Alexis is VERY pretty and very well spoken. LOVE her!:heart:
  5. I wish I saw it.
  6. Eh, I'm surprised Martha didn't recognize the Mulberry bag ... and surprised that everybody went crazy for the Zac Posen bag - my first thought was 'yuck'. :smile:
  7. None of the bags featured in that clip knock my socks off. My favorite segment of the show was Martha's daughter Alexis with her co-host.
  8. yea - that was a nice segment
  9. Thanks for the link - I could get the video but not the sound. (I'm going to have to speak with the IT dept. -- DH):p I also have that issue of Blueprint, and liked the frame bags (mulberry fitzrovia, kotur wallace).
  10. Agree. I liked that woman's Balenciaga Weekender way better than any bag Martha talked about.
  11. I didn't really like any of them...but it was a nice video to watch! Thanks for the link!
  12. The bags she featured were nice. I think they would all be good "everyday bag" choices. It was also nice that she featured bags in a few different price ranges.
  13. I have the Zac Posen that was shown, and it is really gorgeous IRL....